Friday, February 25, 2011



The Detroit Socialist Party, with the Socialist Party of Michigan, stands in solidarity with the great people of Wisconsin, while they fight for their rights as workers against the tyrannical Governor Scott Walker. The outcry of support is not only deafening, but increasing exponentially as well (both domestically and across the globe). The struggle in which they find themselves is as disgusting as it is unnecessary: no one should be commanded to slit their own throats for the profit of a few.

As Socialists:

• We stand for the right of all workers to organize.
• We support worker control of industry through the democratic organization of the workplace.
• We stand for the social ownership of the means of production and distribution, and call for international solidarity among working people based on common opposition to global capitalism and imperialism.
• We believe that the international organization of labor is the only way of combating the exploitation of workers in a global capitalist economy.
• We believe that working people have no country, but rather an international bond based on class.

As such, workers throughout the world have far more in common with their international brothers and sisters than with their native bosses. Ultimately, a socialist revolution must be an international one: a revolution which will surely not survive if confined to individual countries amidst the pestilence of capitalist imperialism. We stand with you, the worker, in this your time of need and solidarity. Furthermore, we offer you the utmost support as you not only face a wretched, petty bureaucrat who would take away your rights, both labor and human, but as you simultaneously stand against a symptom of this entire corrupt slave-system. We will not sit back and let this venomous bill infect your great state, as we know that capitalist leaders in other capitals anticipate their own chance like so many horrible dominoes. We refuse to accept it here in Michigan and urge you to continue the struggle: educating, organizing, and agitating counter to the Wisconsin capitalist machine.

We send our most gracious thanks for igniting this most impressive movement that states quite plainly that workers are humans, not expendable cogs to be used and discarded. The voice of millions that speaks, "We have rights and we will fight like hell to keep them," is yours as well as it is ours. Be assured, yet again, that we are with you in solidarity. An injury to one is an injury to all; therefore, it's time for all workers, domestically and abroad, to UNITE and overturn this capitalist nightmare!!!


The Socialist Party of Detroit
The Socialist Party of Michigan